FaceBook!? Why not??

Ok guys, here's my problem:
My parents won't allow me to have FaceBook (Nearly every one that reads this is probably familiar with this social network!). Most of my YOUNGER cousins have FaceBook and use it on a daily basis. Me on the other hand. I honestly think it is offensive! If their parents can TRUST their children to use a website to communicate with, possibly, everyone they know, why can't mine. I know I'm not the most well behaved teen of the year but cum'on! What's the worst that could happen! I'm not that stupid to post naked photos online or chat to random peado's, 'cos I'm just not like that! It really bugs me... especially when kids at school say stuff like "OMG! Did you see so and so's 'dp' (display picture)" or "Check out my wall pics". It is actually embarrassing to be honest because I'm like the only person in probably the whole year who hasn't got FaceBook or Twitter :/ I mean why not?!

I don't get what the problem is with girls taking good pictures, editting them, saying stuff like 'Beautiful Eyes' or 'Gotta Luv Me'. I mean if that's what they think then just leave them!

Also, TALKING TO BOYS! Why do parents hate their daughters talking to boys and going places like ice skating with boys. I totally understand the risks but cum'on if their daughters trust these good friends (boys) then so be it, it's the dodgy ones you gotta be careful of! Ok. Here's another one of my examples: I asked my mum if I could go Ice Skating with my friends. Instant response. "Who's going?" or "Which friends?". In my situation it was 2 girls and 1 boy. Immediately, my mum responded "Which boy?". She said it like there was a possibility of knowing who he was but then again that's mums for ya! I said, with ease, "Some boy, Good friend!". Typical response. "Just make sure it stays like that!" And I'm standing there thinking... Was that a threat??

I mean seriously parents really need to lay off sometimes. Girls CAN have 'male-friends', if you didn't want me to communicate with boys, why send me to a mixed gender school? Please elaborate on what you mean. It is actually very confusing and makes me feel really UN-trusted. Can you imagine how the teen must feel if you can't trust them, and this is what triggers the teen to rebel because they feel they can't trust the parent and feels unloved. Parents should go by Malaysian tradition! >_-, My Aunty Fina told me about how Malaysian parents are forever showing their children love. The children are everything to them and they adore them so much the kids don't even dare step out of place (it does actually make sense) and that's something the parents out there should all be doing!!

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