Back 2 Skoool :@

Hey guys! It feels kinda weird blogging after school now! Well, I started school on Wednesday, and I have never felt soo exhausted in my life !!! I didn't realize school could do this to you. Ok. Well as you've probably noticed (hence the title), this post is based on my school life so far. For those who don't know, I am now in Year  9 and loving it right now!

Ok, Let me fill you in on my first year in secondary school (for the BIG people) :)  started off my secondary life as a quite timid . I honestly did not answer questions but then again nobody does at first. Gradually, my confidence blossomed at school and my peers got to know the real me as I could express myself a lot more. I first made friends with 2 girls called Daniela, Alice and later, Kai O (My BFF). They were really nice to me and a lot more confident than I was. As the year went by, I met my true best friend... Lauren! By that time I had noticed I was a lot confident outside of school than in school... weird, i know right!? Anyway, I was on the 410 bus when the bus missed my stop ( I was kinda p-ed off then) so I got off at the next stop. I noticed this other girl, who looked my age but in another faculty(house), get off and walk up the same road as me. I ran up to her and was really friendly... Months later, we were like inseparable best friends. That was the highlight of my first year!

Year 8....Was way better than year 7. I knew everyone and it was a memorable year for me and my peers! I loved year 7. I became better friends with loads of people! Year 8, I think was the year full of Deceit, Betrayal, Secrets, Lies, Happiness, Laughter, Excitement, Gossip and growing up. I changed a lot last year, and many can tell you that! But that's all I'm revealing of Year 8! :)

The holidays were AWESOME by the way!

Year 9 is going to be awesome. I've made friends, enemies and progress in my studies...booring. But now is the time to buckle down and focus on my studies as well as BE MYSELF. I'm hoping to get as many A* s as possible but an A will be just as good :) Wish Me Luck X

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