I'm Back Guys!

Hey Guys!
A LOT has happened since my last post. I even forgot my password to 'blogspot'... I KNOW RIGHT! It's been way too long. Ok. Let me tell you all the things that have happened since I started Year9.
Well; I became a lot closer to people I never would've thought I would actually hang out with but now it's like I'm best friends with them! They're soo cool aswell! Also, it was my birthday in September so I finally became part of the 'BlackBerry Wave' B) Unfortunately, my grades began to downfall and, typically, the parents blamed the BlackBerry and all other 'fun' stuff that might distract my learning so my BlackBerry has been confiscated. 'I'm coping quite well without it. Before, I would've been someone you call a 'BlackBerry Addict' but now I'm convinced I've had an 'EPIPHANY'.. I've been thinking deep about a lot such as my life, my future and my views on the world. I've actually started to see people in a whole new way, and I feel I've changed once again but for the absolute better this time.

Moving on, October was fairly good! I began talking to 'The Year10s', and I kinda like them. They're really nice and it's nice to make friends with a variety of people. That month was really cool, especially Halloween. LOL!! November was amazing! I suddenly became very close to the Year10s and on the 15th November, DRAKE's 'TAKE CARE' Album was released. It was super cool. I LOVE ALL the songs. The Tracklist is awesome! Also, November was the month my cousin came to visit me! My cousin and I communicate often but the last time I saw her was last year January! Not Cool! When she came, it was soo much fun, especially the way we had a little 'catch up' on life etc. Moving on swiftly, December was emotional! I'm not about to dive into my personal life and expose myself because that is totally private but, I went through a lot of drama with friends and family *sigh* Christmas Holidays were fun too!
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