Back 2 Skoool :@

Hey guys! It feels kinda weird blogging after school now! Well, I started school on Wednesday, and I have never felt soo exhausted in my life !!! I didn't realize school could do this to you. Ok. Well as you've probably noticed (hence the title), this post is based on my school life so far. For those who don't know, I am now in Year  9 and loving it right now!

Ok, Let me fill you in on my first year in secondary school (for the BIG people) :)  started off my secondary life as a quite timid . I honestly did not answer questions but then again nobody does at first. Gradually, my confidence blossomed at school and my peers got to know the real me as I could express myself a lot more. I first made friends with 2 girls called Daniela, Alice and later, Kai O (My BFF). They were really nice to me and a lot more confident than I was. As the year went by, I met my true best friend... Lauren! By that time I had noticed I was a lot confident outside of school than in school... weird, i know right!? Anyway, I was on the 410 bus when the bus missed my stop ( I was kinda p-ed off then) so I got off at the next stop. I noticed this other girl, who looked my age but in another faculty(house), get off and walk up the same road as me. I ran up to her and was really friendly... Months later, we were like inseparable best friends. That was the highlight of my first year!

Year 8....Was way better than year 7. I knew everyone and it was a memorable year for me and my peers! I loved year 7. I became better friends with loads of people! Year 8, I think was the year full of Deceit, Betrayal, Secrets, Lies, Happiness, Laughter, Excitement, Gossip and growing up. I changed a lot last year, and many can tell you that! But that's all I'm revealing of Year 8! :)

The holidays were AWESOME by the way!

Year 9 is going to be awesome. I've made friends, enemies and progress in my studies...booring. But now is the time to buckle down and focus on my studies as well as BE MYSELF. I'm hoping to get as many A* s as possible but an A will be just as good :) Wish Me Luck X

Accept It Man!

A lot of people have been asking me to do another post because they enjoyed the others so much! Thank you everyone who have read my blog and given me feedback! Xxx

This post is dedicated to ma teens out there! Don't you just HATE it when your parents can't accept the fact you've changed?? Well, here's a personal problem I have. I feel my parents don't understand the fact that I have changed and I am actually growing... Proof is I am now 5ft something, not that little 4ft 7 year old anymore. Awkward subject for most teens and their parents is that your gonna grow up eventually and to just accept it. When I was like 5 I wanted to be Barbie (I know... Embarrassing) But that was the thing about being young, you had these dreams and possibilities to be whoever and whatever. Now, I'm 13; and gonna be 14 in 2 weeks (Soo excited...I honestly don't know why though :s); I wanna be a movie director and have the best actors like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie etc featured in my breathtaking movies. I will be recognized at big movie awards and open schools and acting and directing colleges across the UK and hopefully the US! I will show teenagers out there that dreams can come true and to make the impossible actually possible!

Sorry about that, I have a habit of rambling as I've been told several times. I don't even realize it!? My point is that parents seriously need to start making sense. I mean, you say 'act your age' but some of the 14 year olds out there are dressing in hardly any clothes and make up caked on their face going out at all hours of the night! I'm pretty sure you don't want me to act like that! Also to ma teenage girls reading this, don't you just hate it when your parents give you 'The Look' when they find out you've changed your 'MSN' (example) name to something like I love Mindless Behaviour (My ultimate favourite boy band :O) or Trey Songz or some other hot celebs! I know some adults may be raising their eyebrows here but it's true. And dressing in crop tops and leggings with your eyebrows done with all the necessary accessories 'cos it's part of growing up and you wanna look nice with all my swagger when you go out.

Sometimes I think my parents treat me like a baby or don't trust me, And Yes I know all about the streets of South London and the dodgy people but then again you find dodgy people everywhere. Here's an example of my changed ways over the years:
Fav Food
When I was 7:  Spaghetti Bolognaise
Now: Macaroni Cheese and some of dad's beautiful BBQ Ribs Mmm

Fav Drink
When I was 7: Still Fanta No Ice
Now: PEPSI <3

Fav Author
When I was 7: Jacqueline Wilson/ Enid Blyton
Now: Stephanie Meyer, Becca Fitzpatrick, Lauren Kate etc.

Fav Book
When I was 7: Jacqueline Wilson: The Story of Tracy Beaker
Now: Stephanie Meyer: Twilght Saga Breaking Dawn (Soo Awesome)

Fav Artists
When I was 7: Ashanti, Dad's Remixes
Now: Drake, Mindless Behaviour, Trey Songz, Bruno Mars etc

When Bored
When I was 7: Games
Now: Sleep B'cos I'm so bored + friends don't have credit to reply to my texts unless you're on 'BBM' or FaceBook

Hair Style
When I was 7: Two ponytail Plaits
Now: Straightened or slicked up using gel because it easy to do

When I was 7: None
Now: Mascara, Kohl (Eye Liner), Lip-gloss or Vaseline

When I was 7: Primary
Now: Secondary School which is sooo boring ;O YAWN!

Fav Channel
When I was 7: CBBC or CBeeBies
Now: VIVA or 4Music (I haven't got E! or MTV or Disney :P)

See! This is how much I've changed! And I'm gonna change a lot more so please parents out there communicate with your teens but just remember that this is the 21st century and things have changed a lot over the years so don't react drastically! Be cool!

P.S: To my Mum And Dad, I Love You Both But Seriously..... Accept it man!

FaceBook!? Why not??

Ok guys, here's my problem:
My parents won't allow me to have FaceBook (Nearly every one that reads this is probably familiar with this social network!). Most of my YOUNGER cousins have FaceBook and use it on a daily basis. Me on the other hand. I honestly think it is offensive! If their parents can TRUST their children to use a website to communicate with, possibly, everyone they know, why can't mine. I know I'm not the most well behaved teen of the year but cum'on! What's the worst that could happen! I'm not that stupid to post naked photos online or chat to random peado's, 'cos I'm just not like that! It really bugs me... especially when kids at school say stuff like "OMG! Did you see so and so's 'dp' (display picture)" or "Check out my wall pics". It is actually embarrassing to be honest because I'm like the only person in probably the whole year who hasn't got FaceBook or Twitter :/ I mean why not?!

I don't get what the problem is with girls taking good pictures, editting them, saying stuff like 'Beautiful Eyes' or 'Gotta Luv Me'. I mean if that's what they think then just leave them!

Also, TALKING TO BOYS! Why do parents hate their daughters talking to boys and going places like ice skating with boys. I totally understand the risks but cum'on if their daughters trust these good friends (boys) then so be it, it's the dodgy ones you gotta be careful of! Ok. Here's another one of my examples: I asked my mum if I could go Ice Skating with my friends. Instant response. "Who's going?" or "Which friends?". In my situation it was 2 girls and 1 boy. Immediately, my mum responded "Which boy?". She said it like there was a possibility of knowing who he was but then again that's mums for ya! I said, with ease, "Some boy, Good friend!". Typical response. "Just make sure it stays like that!" And I'm standing there thinking... Was that a threat??

I mean seriously parents really need to lay off sometimes. Girls CAN have 'male-friends', if you didn't want me to communicate with boys, why send me to a mixed gender school? Please elaborate on what you mean. It is actually very confusing and makes me feel really UN-trusted. Can you imagine how the teen must feel if you can't trust them, and this is what triggers the teen to rebel because they feel they can't trust the parent and feels unloved. Parents should go by Malaysian tradition! >_-, My Aunty Fina told me about how Malaysian parents are forever showing their children love. The children are everything to them and they adore them so much the kids don't even dare step out of place (it does actually make sense) and that's something the parents out there should all be doing!!