Floating in a bubble...

Don't you ever feel 'out-of-place' or misunderstood? Do you ever feel invisible when around your friends or family?
I feel like nobody knows me anymore. I feel change is actually of the essence. My likes and dislikes have change...GET OVER IT! That's what I think when people say really hurtful things like "You've changed!" and "I feel I don't know you anymore!?" because people don't know anything about how I feel on the inside. So I will express my views and personal thoughts on this topic through this blog. Firstly i'm not that little 7year old with the long plaits and unique mismatched clothes! Maybe I have changed but maybe it's for the better. One thing I hate is when you meet friends of parents and the first thing they say is "YOU'VE GROWN!" and I have no choice but to wonder "...Did you think I was gonna stay young forever or something?!?!". It really bugs me.

I'm having trouble at home right now. I feel my parents don't understand me. Here's an example (and I hope my dad reads this!):
Dad: Come off that laptop and go to bed!
Me: Ok.
>>>>>>>>I Begin To Save My Blog And Shut Down<<<<<<<<
About 4 Mins Later
Dad: Don't do anything
Me: What do you mean (I was really clueless at this point... I really didn't know what he meant :@)
Dad: You know what I mean!

I mean, no offence but, if I knew what you meant I wouldn't be asking, would I? I love my dad lots and lots but sometimes I feel he treats me like I know everything and i'm supposed to be perfect and i'm pretty sure there are a lot of teenagers these days who feel this way. I'm always told to act my age but when I act my age it's not good enough. The female teenagers nowadays are a lot different to back in the days. There are different types; the plastics (who shop all the time and wear miniskirts and heels and gossip all the time), the funny emo/goth people (who wear black all the time and who listen to 'Gerard Way' and some other people I've personally never heard of), the Don't-Mess type (Where the people are feared and who have friends who are only friends for protection), the Watever type (who tend to smoke, drink and don't care about anything except themselves and their image) and last but not least the people in between. I am one of the many people in between. I like to shop, I do wear black alongside my colourful clothes, I have friends from all these different cliques, I prefer to live my life how I please and I would love it if others could accept me as who I am. But when I choose things from New Look and H&M that I really love! I'm met with a very anxious-to-see-what-she-bought mum. I bought a pencil skirt and a one-shoulder dress (It wasn't even revealing!) I had to get a refund for both of them :O I understand that my parents want to protect me and for me to not be exposed to unfortunate events :L but sometimes parents have to respect a child's opinion and view's and just let them. If anything the child WILL learn from their mistakes. How many of you were told not to put a fork in  the toaster.... Then put the fork in the toaster and have been given an electric shock?
[ This Is Not CopyRight...It Is Not My Video! >.< Must've Hurt Though :/ ]

If you're a parent and reading this please understand and accept these words of wisdom from a 13 year old. Nobody's Perfect! You preach this message to your kids but do you even accept it and accept that they are individuals too and have a right to do whatever the hell they wanna do! If they are forced to fall into line at a young age...don't be surprised if they rebel! Talk. Connect. Take the time to understand your child.

If you're a child understand that parents don't know everything. Be honest with them, talk to them.......[I feel like a therapist or Guru or something giving good advice like this :P]. But just don't give up! If you feel life is unfair, be optimistic! Think of the positive times you've shared!

Word of Advice: If you find it hard to reveal these inner pains and thoughts, stay cool and consider writing a blog about how you feel :) That's what I did!

Big Up All My Friends And Fans Who Encouraged Me To Start Blogging :)
Thanks Aunty Fina Xxxx
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