My Life So Far...

I am a thirteen year old girl. Firstly, I don't come from Canada (it was kinda random to be honest and word of wisdom don't hate Canadians because Drake is one); I actually live in South London. Oh one thing I thought you might want to know...I don't write to impress; i write to express my views and opinions. Every teenager has their own dreams and ambitions that they wish to accomplish but how many of them actually succeed? They either give up or are distracted due to the peer pressure of teens nowadays. I am going to be a director straight up. I don't care about what other people think about what I look like or what I wanna be. One thing I hate yeah is when people ask "What do you wanna be when you're older?" I say with ease, "A film director!" and then they roll their eyes or give that really annoying look. I mean do you really have the right to roll your eyes when I have my own perspective of life. I think different to you and have big ambitions so it is not fair to judge. I mean personally, I think everybody has dreamt of jammin with the celebs like Beyonce and Drake and driving in a glimmering Bentley and navy blue Jaguar.

Ok Ok. Enough bragging about my future and dreams. I wanna talk about how i'm coping with my life. I have 3 jobs. I am a part-time babysitter, a part-time dishwasher and a permanent slave to my family. I am there for them 24/7 travelling through rain and storms to reach them and satisfy their needs (nah not really). I am currently in the change-over of Year8 and Year9. I believe in allowing teenagers their freedom to do as they please. We only live one life so use it wisely, as my Mum once said "You've got £1, Spend it wisely. I ain't giving you any more."

My purpose of this blog was to express my views on teenage life. It is full of b****es out there that will put you down and degrade you but you must fight them (not literally). But just show 'em whose boss. Be Yourself! I know it's typical to say "Express yourself.", but it's a true lesson in life that everyone should learnt to accept. #WORD

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